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Manage My Courses


As an ELXR professional, you have the ability to manage Courses from the Manage menu. Here you will find options to Edit, Delete or View your Courses.


  1. To edit a Course  visit your ELXR Studio and click on MANAGE CONTENT..  Then click on  COURSES from the Manage Menu.
  2. Now click Edit to update the Course details:
  1. Course Cover -This image will be your Course Cover. Suggested size is 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall at 72 dpi Suggested image formats include JPG or PNG.
  2. Course Featured Image – A small image to be feature on the Course Listings. Suggested size is 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall at 72 dpi Suggested image formats include JPG or PNG.
  3. Course Title – This will be the name featured in your Course Listings page and on the Courses page.
  4. Price ($) –  Type in the amount you want for your Course. This can be $0 or whatever you wish to receive.
  5. Channel – Choose the Channel that your Course will be displayed within.
  6. Category – Choose a Category that best matches your Course, if you don’t see one that fits please choose “Other”.  If you would like to suggest a new category, please use this feedback form (LINK HERE)
  7. Tags – Using Tags help members search for your Course  Each Course is limited to three tags.  Be creative, but also think about what search terms will help members find your Course based on your tags.
  8. Description – Your Course Description can be as long or short as you like.  The Description box includes rich text features like bolding and italics, as well as media embeds including video and photos.
  9. Short Description – a short description of your course to be included on Course Listings page
  10. Video – A short preview video for your course. Place your Video URL in the field or UPLOAD your Video by clicking UPLOAD VIDEO.
  11. Visibility Settings – This setting determines whether your Coursen is available to all ELXR members or to your Subscribers Only.

     3.  Now click PUBLISH to activate your Course or SAVE AS DRAFT to Publish at another time.

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